NVIDIA GeForce GTX iGame 1080 8GB Gaming GDDR5X VR Ready

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    Support OpenGL, which is a interface of application software that nothing to do with the hardware. And is a powerful and convenient 3D graphics library.
    DDR5 adopts new frequency structure with higher memory bandwidth and better fault-tolerant performance compared to DDR3/DDR4, supporting error correction, adaptive interface timing and other new technology.
    PCI-E X16
    Designed for the new PCI Express 3.0 bus architecture offering the highest data transfer speeds for the most bandwidth-hungry games and 3D applications. PCI Express X16 provides ascending and descending to the bandwidth of the 4GB/s and greater than that of AGP8X 2.1GB/s of bandwidth.
    HDR High Dynamic Rendering allows users to experience a realistic effect and the environment, strong brightness of sunlight, more fluid movements and finer texture details. HDR technology is completely based on hardware implementation, instead of encoding or decoding pixel shader program.
    NVIDIA PhysX
    PhysX is a physical acceleration technology by NVIDIA, which can improve the efficiency of the game's execution and bring user the most real performance experience.
    SLI the double card interconnection technique, can support up to eight GPU working at the same time.
    Display Port
    DisplayPort is an interface specification approved by the video electronics standards association (VESA). Reliable with high bandwidth, content protection technology, and can be implemented to control peripheral equipment integration, including VGA, HDMI and DVI digital interface, bring a more simple and unified peripheral devices connection.
    HDMI 2.0 is compatible with all of the specifications of the HDMI before version, but special increase bandwidth to 18 GBPS, and make a key improvement to support in the consumer electronics market demand for video and audio growing experience.
    NIVIDIA CUDA Technology
    CUDA technology unlocks the power of the GPU's processor cores to accelerate the most demanding systems tasks – such as video transcoding – delivering incredible performance improvements over traditional CPU's.

    Brand: Colorful
    GPU: Geforce GTX 1080
    GPU Engine Specs:
    Core structure: GP104
    Core technology: 16nm
    NVIDIA CUDA cores: 2560
    Base/OC clock (MHz): 1607/1645
    Boost/OC clock (MHz): 1733/1784
    Memory/OC clock (MHz): 10010
    Memory Spec:
    Memory speed: 10 Gbps
    Standard memory config: 8GB GDDR5X
    Memory interface width: 256-bit
    Memory bandwidth (GB/sec): 320
    Technology Support:
    Multi-projection: Yes
    VR Ready: Yes
    NVIDIA Ansel: Yes
    NVIDIA SLI Ready1: Yes - SLI HB Bridge supported
    NVIDIA g-sync-ready: Yes
    NVIDIA game stream-ready: Yes
    NVIDIA GPU boost: 3.0
    Microsoft DirectX: 12 API with feature level 12_1
    Vulkan API: Yes
    OpenGL: 4.5
    Bus Support: PCIe 3.0
    OS Certificates: for Windows 7-10/Linux/FreeBSD*86
    Display Support:
    Maximum digital resolution: 7680*4320@60Hz
    Standard display connectors: DP 1.4, HDMI 2.0b, DL-DVI-D
    Multi monitor: Yes
    HDCP: 2.2
    Thermal and Power Specs:
    Maximum GPU temperature (in C)94
    Graphics card power (W): 180W
    Recommended system power(W): 500W
    Supplementary power connectors: 8+8pin
    Package size: 38 * 24.5 * 10.3cm / 14.96 * 9.64 * 4.05in (L * W * H)
    Package weight: 1470g / 3.240Lb

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